Delivery to your accommodation or yacht.
Daily delivery service to your accommodation or yacht. Check with your hotelier or contact us directly. Receipt of clothes 10 in the morning, return 10 – 12 in the morning the next day!

At easywash Self Service Laundry you savetime and money because you wash your laundry (clothes, duvets, blankets, curtains, covers) in professional washing machines fully automated within 30 minutes. The wash of your laundry is done individually in each washing machine and you can bring your own detergent and softener or buy from the vending machine vendor.

Drying and ironing can be eliminated with the latest type of professional tumble dryers. Your clothes, within 20-40 minutes, are dry andready to fold without the need of ironing, lint-free, scented, fluffy and friable. 20-40 minutes are needed on averagefor a laundry to dry depending on the fabric and quantity.

Free Wi-Fi
You can use the password that is provided at the store to have free access to the internet.