Convenient Hours: Open from early in the morning until late at night

  • Every day, on Sundays and Holidays, ALL year long.

Quick: In an hour you have your laundry clean and dry

  • In less than an hour you have your laundry clean and dry. After the dryer fold your clothes and they won’t be needing ironing.
  • The washing cycle of the commercial washers is only 30 minutes because they use preheated water.
  • The commercial dryers can dry your laundry in 20-30 minutes.

Efficient: You can wash large quantities

  • Do you have a big family? Do you travel a lot or came back from vacation?
  • Why wait for one laundry to be done in order to put in the washing machine the next one? At easywash Self Service Laundry you can wash and dry simultaneously lots of laundry.
  • The washers have a special factory cleaning program.

Economical: Enjoy the economy with the commercial washers and dryers

  • Be free from purchasing a washer and its costly damage.
  • Use our large commercial washers to wash your laundry, quilts, blankets, etc.
  • It is cheaper and more efficient than buying a household dryer.

Save space! Forget about the clothesline

  • You won’t need to have the clothesline to dry your laundry in the house or in the balcony or terrace.

You have the advantage of your own detergent

  • You can use your detergent and softener and enjoy the scent that you are used to. Otherwise you can purchase detergent, softener and dryer sheets from the vending machine.